Most digital marketing plan providers do not create an implementable plan. But I can create a digital marketing plan that contains the following details :

• Recommend changes to website architecture, content, linking and other factors to improve SEO positions for target keywords. Optimize both onsite and off-site content

• Observe and implement Positive Ranking Factors: by assessing what people search for the most (Keyword planner /Hubspot planner)

• Implementing Link strategies: by observing related metrics, purchase advertising, create media links.

•Optimize our existing onsite and off-site content (eg on YouTube channel, social media sites, etc.)

• Provide recommendations for content development in coordination with quarterly SEO goals – general and keyword specific.

Why Me ?

I understand the complete terms and terminologies of the marketing, digital, content and internet industry. Since I have worked in various digital marketing related roles, I can leverage this experience to provide you with the most suitable digital marketing strategy and plan for your firm.

I will provide you my work samples on request.

Gig Now ! To boost your conversions and sky rocket sales!!

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Upendra Kumar Mahanty

I deliver an integrated portfolio of solutions and services reflecting a broad range of technology and business practices such as Website Design & Development, Mobile Website Optimization, DRM Solution, Social Media Marketing, Content writing and Analytics etc. When not working, I will often be found sipping coffee in my home.


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